Countdown to Christmas!

Tonight I felt crafty enough to get the “Countdown to Christmas” ribbons made for each of the kids.  These are SO EASY to make and the kids love them, especially since it’s a good excuse to get a bite of chocolate each night!!  I originally used the strong “sticky dots” that you can buy at the craft store thinking that it would be better than using glue on the back but as I woke up and found this morning, they’re not strong enough to hold the candy on the ribbon…candies were all over the floor.  So I suggest using a hot glue gun as I’ve found that’s what works best!

To make this, just print the poem out in color.  I add the name of each child to it so that “I” don’t have to remember whose is whose ribbon and there’s no fighting each day!  I bought a spool of the red velvet ribbon last year on clearance after Christmas and then just use 24 Hershey kisses and each day, they get to eat one until Christmas Eve! 

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