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1,000 Thankful Things

Fall LeavesI was reading Ann’s blog, A Holy Experience, and it’s because of her idea that I decided to start a list of 1,000 things I’m thankful for.  I’m absolutely sure that this will take me a long time to complete but I want my eyes to be open to the things that happen to my family and I each day/week that I may either be completely missing or taking for granted. 

So let’s begin:

#1 ~ The library as it’s an excellent source free books and movies for the whole family!
#2 ~ My computer
#3 ~ Laundry piling up…as it means we have clothes to wear.
#4 ~ Generosity and kindess of others…Kevin’s being laid off has shown us that there is so much generosity and kindness still left in those around us.
#5 ~ Good health
#6 ~ The beauty God gives us in a fall day.


2 thoughts on “1,000 Thankful Things

  1. Love your view on laundry. Good way to look at it. It’s always piled up at my house of late. I like your idea. So many blessings in my life – I should look around and acknowledge them more and be ever so thankful.

  2. BETH ! WONDERFUL positive approach to life! Cudos!
    {btw: re: library rentals ~ having worked @ IMCPL
    for a few yrs. i will let you in on a fact ~ they are NEVER
    cleaned ~ at least since i left 🙂 ! so be sure to wipe down
    w/ a disenfectant. I used to buy my own & use on some
    quite nasty books/videos/CD’s} . ttfn!

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