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Christmas Lights & Preparing for Baby

…and my husband is putting out the Christmas lights on the outside of the house. It’s 63 degrees here today and so I do understand his reasoning to enjoy this beautiful day we’re having and not have to do this while it’s freezing. After surveying everything stretched out across the front lawn and him surveying where he will put what, I mumbled “fine, but we’re not turning them on until the day AFTER Thanksgiving” and walked inside the house. This was AFTER we actually had the argument as to if I was going to put up and decorate the tree next weekend! NO WAY!


Our house is obviously divided in many ways. I like Christian music, Kevin likes Country. I like the Indianapolis Colts, Kevin likes the Dallas Cowboys. I believe that Christmas comes after Thanskgiving, Kevin believes Christmas comes after Halloween. I’m not even sure Kevin understands why we celebrate Thanksgiving other than he knows that the Dallas Cowboys play that afternoon.

However, in order to get to the Christmas decorations, he had to move all the baby items that have been given to me over the last few months and so in his mind, he must have decided it was time for me to clean all this and get the various items in their place becaue he brought EVERY item (bassinet, swing, pack-n-play, toys, and even a car seat) and sat them in the kitchen leading out to the living room.  I literally have to step over some of the items if I want to walk between the two!  So, this morning, I have dutifully cleaned the bassinet and it’s sitting in the bathtub drying.  Next, I’ll move on to the carseat since we need that to bring baby home.  And everyone thinks I’M the one nesting!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Lights & Preparing for Baby

  1. Hahaha….nesting happens even when not pregnant. I cleaned the kitchen floor on my hands and knees this morning. I thought it was going to drive me nuts! I hope you can get everything in its proper place for Kevin! 😉

  2. This read is lol funny! perhaps kevin is ‘nesting’ in a guy sort of way…or he fears the always present possibility Evelyn will
    come early! 🙂 Keep up this wonderful writing…its saving ME
    trips to the LIBRARY for books to read!! xo, n

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