Bring mama home some good candy!

Let the festivities begin! Trick-or-treating started at 5:30 pm this year but Kevin and the kids got out there at 5:10 pm, ready to go. Good thing they have a daddy that’s just a big kid at heart!

This year, the kids wanted to go with more “creative” costumes…one’s that I could make and not have to hardly buy anything for. Samuel wanted to be a zombie and so I went to Goodwill and found him pants and a jacket for $4 and tore them up. Caden wanted to be a vampire and so just required a cape and then Isabella wanted to be a princess, which we already had the dress-up clothes and so didn’t require anything additional! The most expensive item bought was the face makeup but luckily there was more than enough for both of the boy’s faces!!



One thought on “Bring mama home some good candy!

  1. type casting?! 🙂 these are just terrific costumes, Beth!!
    nice job of grabbin’ the pics b4 the little holloween
    characters rush out of the house for Trick o’ Treating!! 🙂

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