The week in a nutshell…

Just realized it’s been a week since I’ve written and it seems like we’ve had quite a busy one!  So here’s what’s up with us!

SPORTS:  Soccer season for the boys is over!  Samuel and Caden were both able to get their trophies this past week despite all the cold weather we’re having and the rain!  I hate to say it but what with the cold fall we’ve had thus far, I’m GLAD it’s over.  The kids had fun and got good exercise!

CAR REPAIRS:  BOTH of our cars, yep, BOTH, went out over the weekend and we had to take both in to be repaired.  What are the odds of this happening!  The initial estimate on the van was $2,700 and that would have cleaned us out!  Luckily, we have a brother-in-law who knows his way around car repairs, and told us to get a second opinion or that he could fix it much cheaper.  That second opinion saved us $2,300…!  Need I say anymore how how car dealerships try to rip you off when you go in for repairs?  The Trailblazer only cost us $450 and so we were very thankful that they were minor repairs, quickly done, and that we had the money in savings to get these repaired.

PREGNANCY:  Had my checkup today and my doctor is going to move my delivery date to December 30th!  Praise Jesus!  He said that we can see what my health will do but one of the reasons is that he thinks this baby will be big.  I have done well though, only gaining 13 pounds thus far, and so he’s very happy with this side of things.

HALLOWEEN:  House is decorated and pumpkins are carved.  Tomorrow night I just need to finish up “tearing” up Samuel’s outfit and then we should be good!  We’re looking forward to a fun night, with Kevin taking the kids around and my staying home to hand out the candy to all the little goblins!

One thought on “The week in a nutshell…

  1. dealerships are last place we’d ever consider taking a car for repair! we have a good mechainic close by & get a “n/c” on many ‘tweaks’ he does for us. such a relief to know the final outcome w/ you 2 & the 2 cars! thanx beth!

    what will the 3 kids be for holloween??!

    I never could 🙂

    btw: this blogspot is MUCH easier to use. i should change mine over too!

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