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Making my nest…

Nesting is the term used to refer to an expectant mother’s instinct which gives her a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around her home. Nesting usually arises as the mother nears her due date but it can vary in how early or late in the pregnancy a woman will experience this.


I still have many weeks before my due date is near but I KNOW I’ve begun the nesting phases.  I think I realized this in full force last night when I’m sitting on the floor of my boy’s room, looking for all the little freakin’ tiny pieces of Lego’s that have worked themselves into the carpet.  On “normal” days, my mind set is one of just sweeping them up — the vacuum can catch them and they can go into the dark depths of the trash can and no “one” will every know.  Nope, not last night.  I was determined to find each and every one and was on my hands and knees crawling around.  Insanity. I realize this.

Some days, the only problem with my nesting is that I’m cleaning and organizing things that only “I” will notice and appreciate.  Forget the dust that is piling up on the living room entertainment center, one of the first pieces of major furniture a guest will see upon entering our house.  Nope, again, I’m organizing the bin underneath our bed of extra school folders, crayons I got for 20 cents two years ago at Staples and Christmas crafts. Again, insanity, but as any pregnant woman in her nesting phase might tell you, it has to be done.

Upon googling the word “nesting”, it always states that the husband can sometimes experience this.  I would have never guessed hubby to nest but then I started thinking about what he has accomplished this past week.  He actually bought shelving units on Saturday hung up the shelves in the girl’s room closet on Monday.  He also cleaned out and organized all the various things that find our way in to our laundry room — something he hasn’t cared about, well, never.  Could it be catching on!?

The good thing about this is that I fully expect by the time I give birth, I will have one clean and organized home!


One thought on “Making my nest…

  1. Wonderfully written. the ‘nesting’ is part of you anyway.
    you make such a great home for your family. guys are
    not affected that way. if anything its called ‘guilt’ 🙂

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