Pumpkins for my pumpkins…


We made our annual trip out to the pumpkin patch today and we went to Russell Farms again this year!  I know some people may think it’s silly to spend the money on pumpkins at a farm and there are times I think the same thing but in the grand scheme of things, it’s about building the memories and traditions with our children more than anything else.  I have no memories of “family traditions” from my childhood and I think because of this, it makes me strive harder to do things that I never experienced.

It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon with the temperatures in the 50’s and the sun shining brightly!   We spent 2-1/2 hours  out at the farm walking around looking at the various farm animals, playing min-golf, working our way through the corn mazes, and have fun as a family building memories.

Our rule for the kids to help keep costs down is that they have to be able to lift and carry the pumpkins themselves.  Little Isabella was quite content with her little tiny pumpkin and she found it right away and took good care to carry it around without dropping it.  For the boys however, they were both in search for the “perfect” pumpkin.  Samuel didn’t want that was flat on one side.  Caden didn’t want one that had dirt on it (seriously?) and so it was a lot of searching, lifting, rolling, etc. before they each found their perfect one.




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