Random Thoughts…

If you even come to my blog on a “monthly” basis, you know that here lately, I just haven’t blogged at all.  I’m calling it “writer’s block” but in all honesty, what it truly boils down to is that I’m just so friggin’ tired by the time I get home, that I’m out of energy after playing my rounds of scrabble on facebook!

So, to give some sort of entry, here are the random thoughts to situations I’ve had lately:

1. “Crap, I have to push a child out of my body in 13 weeks.”
This is child #5 for me…you think at this stage, the nervousness would be gone.  It doesn’t folks…the same fears are there but now I just know what type of pain I’m in for.

2. “When will this dog learn to pee outside.”
One of the downfalls of owning a puppy…they may be cute but they don’t potty train as quickly as you would like them to.

3. “When will I learn to go pee quicker.”
When pregnant, you have to pee all the time…I’m one of those people that think to myself, I’ll go after I get this one more thing done.  I then find myself crossing my legs to get to the bathroom.

4. “Before you step out into the road, you might want to look BOTH ways.”
This is what I would have yelled to the woman who stepped out in front of my MOVING car this morning on the way to work if I didn’t have a filter in my head telling me not to.  I wish I had that sort of faith in people that I believed they wouldn’t hit me under any circumstance.

5. “This is utterly ridiculous.”
What I was thinking as I sat outside in the cold rain last night and watched as Samuel played soccer.  10 minutes later, I was in the car with Caden and Isabella waiting it out.

6. “Isn’t it a little bit early for this…”
Monday, I heard a radio commercial with Christmas music in it.  Really.  It’s not even Halloween.

7. “Economists predict spending will be down this Christmas season.”
Really?  You think?

Come back…I might add more throughout the day as I think of them.  Or, I might just take a nap when I get home and forget about it!


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