fall-leaves[1]Outside my window… it’s starting to have the feel of the fall season in the air.  I just noticed yesterday that leaves were just beginning to fall and I was so happy.  Fall is my favorite season of all!
I am thinking… that I want to desperately start making my jean quilt.  I’ve been collecting jeans and have enough to probably get started on one but it’s finding the time!!  Once the cooler weather arrives and we start spending more time inside, I hope I can make this start happening!
I am thankful for… the kindness of others.  We rec’d a gift card to Meijer this past Monday in the mail.  It had no return address on the outside envelope and no name in the card but we are so grateful and appreciative for whoever sent it.  It came at a perfect time for us as the cupboards were getting pretty bare and we immediately went to the store on Tuesday and was able to buy several bags of groceries!  This was a HUGE blessing for us and so if you are the one who sent this and happen to be reading my blog…THANK YOU!!!  Another huge blessing was that one of my girlfriends gave me a bag of maternity clothes and as a plus-size girl, it’s hard to find cute maternity clothes.  But several of the shirts and a pair of pants fit and so I’m again, thankful that she passed them on to help us get by!
From the kitchen… something easy as Samuel has soccer tonight until 6:30 pm and so by the time we get home and it’s bath night as well, we need to have a “quicker” dinner.
I am wearing… periwinkle blue shirt, black comfy pants and as always, my trusty flip flops.
I am reading… The book of Luke in the bible.  We have to read this for our Life Group at church that starts back up this Sunday.
I am hoping… that we receive the answer from the unemployment office for Kevin today!  We should have rec’d it by now and so we are “patiently” waiting.
I am creating… still the sanding of the dresser.  Kevin took over and went at it with a vengeance!  It’s looking so good but he’s taken these past few days off.
I am hearing… various co-workers on the phone.  As always it seems anymore, a very quiet here today at work.
Around the house… we are adjusting to Oliver, our new puppy, and he’s fitting in so well and such a good and tolerant little dog!  Isabella just wears him out!  We are having to remember to pick up all the little pieces of toys though that make their way on to the floor as he is always searching for something to chew and always seems to find a small Lego piece!
One of my favorite things… watching my kids learn.  We’ve been knee deep in homework!  Samuel is such a smart little guy and just instantly “gets” things and so it’s fun to see how his mind works.  I’ve been trying to help Caden learn his “sight” words and God love him, he’s our loving natured one and learning and homework right now is a huge struggle for him.  But, he caught on to a few words last night and seeing his little face light up when I told him “good job” makes it worth the frustration I feel when we’ve gone over a work 10 times!
A few plans for the rest of the week… soccer tonight for Samuel and then on Saturday for Caden.  Church and Life Group on Sunday.  We’re excited to see our friends at the Life Group as we all took the summer off and so it’s been a couple of months since we’ve gotten together!

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