We are SUCKERS!!

Monday, Labor Day, I’m driving home from Lowe’s and coming down my street and see my neighbor outside with this adorable little puppy.  I stop to ask him if he has a new puppy and says “Nope…do you want him?” and I was like “WHAT???”.  Long story short, his boss was going to dump him at a worksite, neighbor had a soft spot in his heart and brought him home.  They thought they would keep him and bought the cage, food, collar, etc. and realized after a few days that having a puppy IS a lot of work and decided to find him a new home.  That new home is now OUR home complete with a new cage, food, collar, etc!


He’s just an adorable little guy.  He’s a Fo-Tzu I have learned today, which stands for a Toy Fox Terrier and a Shih Tzu mix.  He’s 3 months old and his name is Oliver!  He is so good with the kids and has learned that he loves torturing Pepper.  Pepper doesn’t know what’s hit him and I’m sure is hoping that Oliver will soon find another home!  But he’s fit right in and has just been as sweet as can be and has REALLY tolerated the kids, especially Isabella with her tail-pulling and grabbing bunches of hair/skin at once…he still gives her kisses and nibbles on her toes.

IMG_5844Watch for upcoming pics as he grows!!

3 thoughts on “We are SUCKERS!!

  1. pepper & now OLIVER! how much can you take on as one person, Beth ! thank you for rescuing the little fo-tzu! not
    many would have done such a humanitarian & right thing
    to do & you pregnant, working, 3 kids… are amazing!

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