Labor day?

For most, Labor Day is a day of rest and getting together with friends and family for cookouts and get-togethers.  Here in Indiana, we are supposed to have a rainy day and so we did our “gettin’-together” with friends on Friday night over a bonfire and s’mores in the backyard and Saturday, we headed over to my in-laws for a cookout and another bonfire.

So today, we plan to LABOR!  We want to finish sanding the dresser, the carpet in the living room needs deep-cleaned, bathrooms cleaned, the normal drill.  Things we all tend to put off, well, we do in our household becaue cleaning the toilet at 8:45 pm just doesn’t make me want to drag my big behind off the couch from watching America’s Got Talent!

Kevin does plan to take the boys fishing a little bit later as long as the rain holds out and I’ll probably waddle my way down there as well just to tag a long.  I also have tomorrow off too and so that gives us an extra day to get a few things done.


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