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blue-flowerOutside my window… we are starting to have the “cool” mornings and “warm” afternoons and I love these kind of days.  I still can’t wait for fall but I’ll take what we have now!
I am thinking… that I like my hair today.  I’ve been growing it out since last December and today, I rec’d two compliments on it from parents at the bus stop and am starting to see the results of my efforts for 9 months now!  I still have a way to go to get all the layers grown out and get it to be one length but I’m finally getting to a point where I can style it.
I am thankful for… a healthy peanut in my belly.  I had an in-depth ultrasound yesterday, where they went in and measured everything and all was well — she’s measuring dead-on as to where she should be.  I got to see a couple 3D shots and while it’s neat to see, it’s kinda creepy as well!
From the kitchen… No clue!  ha!  I guess I’ll find out when I get home and see what Kevin has planned.  He’s becoming quite the cook and I’ll miss him preparing dinner whenever he goes back to work!
I am wearing… black wide leg capri’s, dark pink maternity knit shirt, flip flops.
I am reading… I hate answering this question because I always feel as though I should be reading “something”.
I am hoping… that the hearing for Kevin’s unemployment goes in his favor today.  It’s at 1:00 pm and so say some prayers for him/us!
I am creating… still the sanding of the dresser.  Kevin and I both agreed that we would like to finish it this weekend.
I am hearing… the humming of the air conditioner in my office.  Could almost dull me to sleep at times.
Around the house… the sounds of NFL football have returned. With preseason now starting, Samuel and Kevin have been so excited to watch it on TV.  Tonight the Colts play, tomorrow night the Cowboys.
One of my favorite things… waking up the kids each morning…they’re so sweet and without “attitude” that comes with being up and not wanting to get dressed, brush teeth, etc. and so for a few minutes, I get a bit of sweet innocence.
A few plans for the rest of the week… four day weekend because of the labor day weekend and the fact that I have Tuesdays off!  So really no “plans” made yet.  My in-laws have suggested doing something and so we’ll see if we all get together at some point.  Sunday, just plan on going to church.


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