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22 Weeks Preggo Today

Today is a day where I am REALLY feeling pregnant.  I have a massive head cold which is making it hard to breathe out of my nose, coupled with the fact that I’m 22 weeks pregnant as well as having to walk in from the back 40 to get into my office building.  By the time I got in to the lobby of the building itself, not my actual office, I was breathing like I had just ran a marathon.  I’m sure the nice man in the elevator was wondering what the heck was going on with me…I’m a heavy-set gal and there are just some days I look at myself and think, hmm…yep, you don’t look preaggo, just fat!  At any rate, I sit down at my desk and check my “home” email account only to get an email giving a picture of what the “approximate” current size is of this child is that I’m carrying around and didn’t feel so bad:

22-spaghetti-squashThat’s right folks…a spaghetti squash it states.  And 11 inches long.  I won’t go into details week after week about which vegetable or fruit this baby resembles, although I find it fascinating, but today, it made me feel at least somewhat better about myself!

2 thoughts on “22 Weeks Preggo Today

  1. Beth! Congratulations on ‘graduating’ from a
    baby zucinni to speghetti squash!! 🙂 problem
    w/ pregnancy ~ neither you or anyone else can SEE
    your accomplishments…& each day IS an accomplish-
    ment; so pat yourself on the shoulder EVERY morning
    …& again throughout the day & night-time!!
    lol & respect….n

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