chocolate-cosmos-s4x3_lg Outside my window…we’re in for more rain…same as last week and again, cooler temps are right behind it!  Very happy!
I am thinking…happy thoughts for my sister.  She is getting married this weekend and I couldn’t be more happy for her and Darrell, the man she is marrying. He’s a very good match for her, overall good guy and I welcome him into our family!
I am thankful for…the generosity of others.  We have experienced this in a number of ways here lately and it’s at times like these, you realize that there are good and decent people all around you.
From the kitchen…hamburger helper tonight.  Not a huge fan but hey, it’s a cheap dinner and it feeds the family!  Kevin’s parents brought over more zucchini last night and so I plan to chop that up as well.
I am wearing…Black pants, BRIGHT green shirt and sandals…sad but this is the exact same thing I was wearing  last Thursday!
I am reading…still, nothing!
I am hoping…that Kevin’s interview goes well.  He has a 2nd interview tomorrow with Schwann’s and we hope it will result in a job!  Plus think of the discount we will get on their food!  Yum!
I am creating…I started sanding, and sanding, and more sanding the dresser…see the pic a few posts below! Whew…hard work but it will probably be a few more weekends before we get it ready to paint.
I am hearing…the radio in my office and some co-workers talking.
One of my favorite things…laughing.  Kevin got me laughing so hard last night that I had to cover my mouth and was almost crying.  Laughter heals.
A few plans for the rest of the week…tonight, I have to pick up some baby clothes off of freecycle!  If you haven’t noticed, I love freecycle!  Tomorrow, really no plans in the evening.  Saturday, spend the day celebrating my sister’s wedding.  Sunday, church and home chores and enjoying the beautiful weather!


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