Outside my window…it’s a rainy day but I’m happy because cooler weather is coming with it.  We’ve had a couple of weeks of high heat and I’m NOT a summer type of gal…I prefer the cooler temps.
I am thinking…I REALLY need to clean the living room carpet this weekend.  It is so filthy from the kids being home all summer and so I really need to get on the ball and get this done.
I am thankful for…feeling the movement of the peanut in my belly.  This week, she has really started to make herself known and it’s such fun feeling her move around.  I can say that now because the movement is still “light” and no kicks yet!
From the kitchen…nothing on the menu for tonight.  I have a school meeting tonight, which I’ll go to right after work, and so I’m thinking it’s going to be a “grab-what-you-want” type of night.  I did make the zucchini bread (recipe a few posts below) and it was WONDERFUL.  I have four more bags of frozen zucchini already chopped and ready to go and so I might have to be making another batch this weekend!
I am wearing…Black pants, BRIGHT green shirt and black cardigan.
I am reading…nothing at the moment.  I should say that I’ve been trying to read through the magazines that have been collecting dust in my bedroom basket and so I guess that’s “reading”!
I am hoping…that Kevin’s interview goes well…he has an interview on Sunday with Burger King for management and although he wasn’t really wanting to get back in to “retail” or whatever you want to call Burger King, we will definitely take it.  Please say some prayers for him.
I am creating…I need to start on the sanding of the dresser I got from freecycle the week before last!
I am hearing…the radio and the air conditioning in my office.
One of my favorite things…watching this new laugh that Isabella has developed here in the last couple of weeks.  I can, in NO way shape or form, describe this laugh in words but to see her do it is hilarious!
A few plans for the rest of the week…Tonight, I have Samuel’s first grade “meet the teacher” night and so I plan to go to that.  This weekend, no plans other than trying to start sanding down the dresser I picked up last week from Freecycle.  Saturdy, the high is only going to be 72 and so we might have to get out to a park or something to enjoy the beautiful weather!  Sunday, I have nursery duty at church and I look forward to this as I got moved to the “babies” after being with the 2 year olds for a year!  It will be a nice change!


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