I haven’t done a “Thursday Thought” post in awhile and so today I thought would be a good day to revive it!  Plus it makes for  a VERY easy blog entry!

Outside my window…it’s a beautiful day but going to be a warm one!  This weekend it is supposed to get into the 90’s here!
I am thinking…that I can’t believe the summer is over…where has it gone?  I realize we have all of August and into September but it just seems as though we have blinked and it’s time for school to start!
I am thankful for…that God is providing our needs.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know that Kevin lost his job in April but we’ve been barely “eeking” by but we’re doing it somehow.  We’ve managed to have food on the table and the kids, although there are things that they “want”, are happy with life.  God has provided…
From the kitchen…we have chicken breasts thawing for tonight.  Not sure what will become of it or if we’ll just grill but that’s on the menu.
I am wearing…Brown cardigan (it gets cold in my office), brown capri’s and a lavendar cotton shirt.
I am reading…nothing at the moment…it’s summer and the kids are home and I’ve just been too busy!
I am hoping…that either Kevin finds a job SOON or we start getting unemployment checks…we’ve gone without since the end of April!  He is to have a hearing here soon with the unemployment office and I pray it goes in his favor.
I am creating…we just picked a 5-drawer chest of drawers off of Freecycle last night and so looks as though I’ll be doing some sanding, sanding and more sanding.  We want to repaint it and then put it in the “girl’s” room.  The current one we have now is ready to go to the curb!
I am hearing…the radio and my typing…it’s VERY quiet in the office today.
One of my favorite things…going to Goodwill and seeing what bargains I can find.  I haven’t been here lately because we have everything we need for the moment and since funds have been tight, I don’t want to go and try and  “resist” the urge!  I do need to start going again though to see if I can start finding pants for the kids for fall and winter.
A few plans for the rest of the week…Tonight, I am going to Caden’s “kindergarten” meeting at his school.  This weekend I believe we have NO plans other than church on Sunday!  So, I’ll try to clean the house and start going through clothes, etc. to clean out and start making room for our new little one that will be coming.


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