It’s August…

school_busI’ve always loved the month, not just because it’s my birthday month (August 11th for anyone who wants to send a gift!) but because in my memory, it means “all things new”!  It’s back-to-school month which means, new pencils, new backpacks, new folders and if we’re fortunate enough, new clothes!  When I left college and went out into the adult world, my love of August because a distant memory.  Now that I have children who are of school age (kindergarten and first grade), August has regained it’s appeal!  Next week starts the mark of the first day of school and I think I’m just as excited for them as they are to be going back to school.  Stay tuned…next week I’ll have the “first day” pictures up!


One thought on “It’s August…

  1. I so love August too! It means Fall is right around the corner -chili, sweaters, pumpkins, beautiful leaves, football, school days, holidays… I love everything about it.

    Happy belated birthday too!

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