Bright & Early…

This morning, at 8:49 am, my boys, ages 5 and 6, were into a full blown out argument about a Wii game. As I sat and watched them fighting over whose turn it was and why Caden always gets to go first, I was amazed at their ability to get out of bed, come downstairs and automatically start fighting as though they had been up for hours as well as maneuver their way through a videogame. Why can’t I have that kind of brain energy to wake up and have that ability…it takes me an hour of getting ready, 20 minutes of eating breakfast and then a 30 minute car ride to work, all while drinking a cup of coffee, before I even sit down at my desk to get my day started.

2 thoughts on “Bright & Early…

  1. I hate waking up to fighting and/or screaming. Ugh. 😦 And I know what you mean ~ it's like they wake up and hit the ground running. Was I like that when I was a kid? Usually it takes me a shower and some breakfast in order to wake up.

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