Outside my windowIt is a beautiful day! We’ve had so much rain this past week and from here until Sunday, it’s supposed to be warm and sunny! I love that we still have the cool mornings but by evening, warm!

I am thinkingthat my laundry will never, ever end! Ha!
I am thankful forthe mulch that Kevin brought home last night. I know it’s the little things in life but our current mulch is just about done…it looks literally like bark just laying on the ground. So he got 10 bags of black mulch to put throughout the garden and yard! Can’t wait!
From the kitchenI have chicken thawing for dinner tonight and going to marinate it in teriyaki sauce and bake then I’ll saute some mushrooms and put that on top of the chicken along with a piece of swiss cheese! Sooo yummy!
I am wearingwhite capri’s and a tshirt and of course, my black crocs!
I am readingChristianity 101, Chapter 5 for my Life Group. We decided to talk about another topic last week and so this week, we hope to get to Chapter 5 and so I’m rereading/skimming the chapter.
I am hopingthat Kevin’s work goes well for him today. I have prayed long and hard for him.
I am creatinga baby’s rag quilt! I have washed all the fabric and today, hope to start cutting out the strips!
I am hearingthe Sesame Street song on PBS
A few plans for the rest of the weekSaturday, we have the boys first get-together for their flag football teams, Samuel has a birthday party to go to and I have a girl’s night get-together to go to that evening…busy day! Sunday, we just have church and our Life Group and it’s supposed to be a beautiful day and so we’re also looking forward to that!

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