Baby Raq Quilt

Here are the fabric colors for the baby rag quilt that I’m going to make. I went and bought the remaining pieces today in order to start it. I “hope” to get two baby quilts out of the fabric but we’ll see how it goes once I get going. I know it’s not the “traditional” baby designs but I didn’t want it to be…I want it to be more feminine than I do “babyish”. I’m excited to get started and hope to get the fabrics washed either tomorrow or this weekend so I can start cutting. I saw a pattern for a raq quilt using pieces cut in strips going horizontally instead of the traditional squares and so I think I’m going to try this for my first quilt and see how I like it. Come back and I’ll show you the “in progress” and “finished” pictures!

3 thoughts on “Baby Raq Quilt

  1. exactly my thoughts ~ GORGEOUS
    fabrics Beth ! ok, you going to
    squeeze this project in between
    what … and what !?!!

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