Outside my window…we had a beautiful spring day in the 60’s! I spent the entire day at the zoo with the kids and my mother-in-law and had a wonderful time! The kids had a lot of fun seeing all the animals, being outside and sharing the zoo with their grandmother and they were so well behaved. It is to rain all day tomorrow though!
I am thinking…that I need to use Friday to get things in order around the house: cleaning, laundry, etc.
I am thankful for…my friends and neighbors. I’m so thankful for the dynamics within my neighborhood and the friends I have made…to know I can walk out my door and have women to speak to, laugh with, share stories with makes me feel very thankful and grateful!
From the kitchen…Kevin was home tonight and grilled out steaks, corn and baked potatoes! It was a wonderful dinner.
I am wearing…my pajama’s as it is 11:14 pm! As always, comfort!
I am reading…Christianity 101, Chapter 5 for my Life Group.
I am hoping…that my boys will sleep through the thunder I hear rumbling in the distance! My 6 yr. old is still scared of storms, although to ask him, he will deny it!
I am creating…still nothing. Keep talking about making a baby rag quilt with a girlfriend and so I just need to take the time to make a plan and start buying some materials! And, find some time!
I am hearing…the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. The whole house is asleep and I was able to grab this at RedBox this evening on a quick run to the grocery. So far, very interesting movie.
A few plans for the rest of the week…Tomorrow will be a day spent at home, our last day of spring break for the kids. Other than this, we will celebrate our risen Savior on this Easter weekend by going to church on Sunday and then a family lunch after.

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