Outside my window…the sun slowly warming up a 25 degree morning!
I am thinking… that I need to fix myself a cup of coffee and start cleaning the house!
I am thankful for… my sister. We had a speaker last night at church about the importance of relationships without anything being in the way and I have that with her…I’m myself!
From the kitchen…baked chicken, some sort of noodle or rice side dish and a veggie.
I am wearing… black pants; Green Bay Packers shirt (no comments) and a white long sleeve shirt underneath.
I am reading…Confessions of an Irritable Mother; Christianity 101, Chapter 4 for my bible study
I am hoping…that God gives me patience and understanding with my current work situation.
I am creating…still nothing although I want to do the purse for Isabella and then “thinking” about starting on a baby quilt for a friend of mine whose baby is due in June…will need to start on that one soon!
I am hearing…Caden playing the Wii and Isabella playing with her baby dolls!
One of my favorite things…the thought that spring is just around the corner!
A few plans for the rest of the week… Lunch with my dad and sister on Friday; Birthday party for the kids on Saturday; Family coming over Saturday night to celebrate Isabella’s 2nd birthday; Church and Life Group on Sunday…I love being busy on the weekend during these colder months!

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