Meeting Jesus is going to be so much fun!

Caden and I were singing “One Way” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuN2xmdoL84) on the way home from daycare tonight and we just happen to pass a cemetary at a stop sign. Here’s our conversation:

Caden: Mommy, that’s where dead people are, right?
Beth: That’s where they bury your body when you die.
Caden: Soooo…is that heaven?
Beth: No, Heaven is where Jesus is and a cemetary is somewhere were they just put your body. You will go meet God when you die.
Caden: That is going to be SO MUCH FUN…I can’t wait until we fly up to meet Jesus. Will He come to get me?
Beth: If he doesn’t, I’m sure an angel will take you to meet Him.
Caden: Will the angel carry me?
Beth: I think he’ll probably just take your hand but I’m not for sure.
Caden: It’s still going to be REALLY FUN!

It makes me proud to know that my kids are “getting it”. The boys have not asked Jesus to be their “forever friend” yet at ages 6 and 5 but I know we’re getting close. I love talking to them in the car about Jesus and the bible because I know I have their attention for the most part…it’s a great time for us to have these conversations that may only last 2-3 minutes at best but are such IMPORTANT conversations that you have to make the most of those precious opportunities.

One thought on “Meeting Jesus is going to be so much fun!

  1. You have the presense of mind to detact yourself from wandering
    thoughts of dinner, homework & job to actually talk WITH the boys & not AT them. I admire you!

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