Christmas Day!!

What a fun Christmas this was! Samuel was the first one up at 5:05 am and came in and said “Mommy, I’m ready” and I promptly told him that “I’m not, it’s too early, go back to bed” and believe it or not, he listened! So the second time he woke up was around 7:45 am and that, we could deal with! The kids rushed down stairs with screams and excitement and while they all opened their stockings, we got some coffee brewing!

Santa came through this year and the boys each got their Nintendo DS game systems that they had just been “dying” for and Isabella got her baby dolls, which she can’t get enough of! Below are a few of the pictures taken Christmas morning!

This is what the kids saw when they came down the stairs…lots & lots of presents!!

Samuel opening his Dallas Cowboy’s Tony Romo figurine! A boy after his father’s heart!
Caden taking inventory of all the Nintendo DS games he had received thus far and checking out his new Wall-E oversize coloring book!

Isabella and her first American Girl baby doll! I foresee a lot of these in our future!

Isabella playing with the guitar that Uncle Roy and Aunt Jo-Jo sent!


One thought on “Christmas Day!!

  1. What a beautiful family Beth! I’ve never seen so many gifts under a tree before. 🙂 You certainly have created something wonderful…

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