Con"grad"ulations Kevin!!

I’m so proud and happy for Kevin!…he received his Bachelor’s Degree last week in the mail! I’m so proud of him at age 35, to make his dream come true of getting his degree and being an inspiration for his children by showing them if you have a goal and work hard, you can obtain it! Kevin started school at the University of Phoenix about 3 years ago but took a year off…that pesky thing called “life” sometimes tends to get in the way! But, he didn’t that stop him and he went back and finished the classes he needed and achieved his goal and dream! Congratulations Kevin!

One thought on “Con"grad"ulations Kevin!!

  1. Kevin !! Congratulations for not giving up despite responsibilities of work schedules & being a dad, husband, brother, son! You & Beth are both terrific role models for Samuel, Caden & Isabella!

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