Fire Safety!

Every year, the township in which I works puts on a “Fire Safety Festival” for the kids. It’s a wonderful event in which they have fire trucks for the kids to climb up in, safety courses when riding their bikes, a house that the kids go in to that simulates a fire and how to get out, a tent where they give free bike helmets and they also give free lunch as well! How good can it get! This was our third year in going because the boys just love it and this year, Grandma and Papa decided to come along as well! The boys participated in an obstacle course where they had to dress up like fireman and then do the course to save a “baby” and then run over to a wood house and put it out with a real firehouse (held by a fireman but they boys “helped”). I love these pictures of the boys in their “uniforms” and especially the one of Samuel where he looks like he’s just spent a long day at work!

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