Christmas Quilt for Dad UPDATE #1

This weekend I finally finished cutting all the squares for the quilt I’m making my father for a Christmas present. I’ve spent total, about 7-8 hours just in cutting alone and so I felt a huge accomplishment in getting this first step out of the way. I believe I have about 180 squares of tan flannel, and approximately 90 squares each of the two plaids. I switched one of the original fabrics to the tan flannel to make it warm and cozy for our cold Indiana winters and I like the way it works better with the two blue plaids which have a hit on tan in it. So, the sewing part is next but I don’t think I’ll be able to get to it for another couple of weeks as we have soccer all day next Saturday and Samuel’s big “6th” birthday party this upcoming weekend that I have to prepare for. Stay tuned for the next update…!

One thought on “Christmas Quilt for Dad UPDATE #1

  1. now THIS is beautiful fabric! i got Quilts Plus to cut Ayden’s baby squares for me {same size as yours} for no $. BIG help! i am hung up on where to go next! Beth..Help!

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